Meet the Team

Members of the Nutrition Solutions Team are always available during meals to help you. Get to know our team and feel free to share your comments, suggestions or questions. We appreciate your feedback, and want to be a part of making your dining service what you want it to be! Feel free to stop in and see us or call.

  • Timothy Green

    Resident District Manager

  • Roberta Edwards


    Roberta Edwards

    Operations Manager

  • Kelsey Curry

    Kelsey Curry

    Registered Dietitian

  • Patricia Wells


    Patricia Wells

    Area Manager

  • Matt Pennell

    Matt Pennell

    Catering Manager

  • Dan Kolat

    Dan Kolat

    BCSD Food Service Accountant

  • Alexia Reynolds


    Alexia Reynolds

    Unit Controller

  • Aliyah Jackson


    Aliyah Jackson

    HR Assistant

  • Ashley Toenniessen

    Ashley Toenniessen

    Administrative Assistant/Bilingual Assistant